Artist Directory

The Pitt County Arts Council at Emerge is proud to announce our new Artist Directory. This is a directory of all artists that live in Pitt County, North Carolina. The directory is meant to showcase the creative talent in our area as well as promote our artists and connect them with opportunities.  All submissions must be approved by PCAC staff and therefore, will not be visible immediately.  Image file sizes must be under 5MB.

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Img 2863
Janah Adams

Visual arts: Paintings, Illustrations

Oil paintings, landscapes, portraits, illustrations. I am particularly interested in creating mood through the relationship of light and shadows.

Malaika Albrecht

Literary arts: poet, visual artist

I'm the author of 3 poetry books & the founding editor of online mag Redheaded Stepchild @ http://www.redheadedmag.com/poetry/ & a mixed media artist

Img 9651
Samuel Alvarado

Visual arts: Graphic Design, Photography, Textiles

Current Graphic Designer for Evolve Inc.

Emerge cover
Matt Amante

Visual arts: Sculpture

I am a sculptor who enjoys working with metals, wood, and mixed media. I focus a lot of my time on public art and fabricated metals.

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Sim Asher

Visual arts: Fine Art and Photography

Sim works with both traditional dark room processing and digital photo based artwork while exploring and mixing media.

20170112 122041
Cornelius Baker

Visual arts: oil portraits, pencil portraits, and murals

I love drawing and painting portraits and murals and capturing the true beauty of a person or project. .

Jason Coale

Theater: Design and Production

I am a narrative designer, having worked in the theater, theme parks, television, restaurants, churches, etc.

Andy Denton

Visual arts: Sculpture

Sculpture and Pottery

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Mamie Dixon

Music: Violin/Mandolin

Musician, Twisted Knot (Folk, Celtic, Klezmer music) Violinist (performer/teacher) Mandolin (performer/teacher) Water Color and Drawing Artist

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Talia Edwards

Visual arts: Drawing, Ceramics, Murals

I'm a Visual Arts Teacher with the State of NC, and I am passionate about commissioned work including Murals, Figure Drawings/Portraits, and Ceramics.

Me at ocracoke
Laura Frye

Visual arts: Painting

I am obsessed with watercolor and capturing the moment! My work explores the spontaneous effects of light, shadow, love, life and soul stuff.

2003 baseball 008
Dewey Funkhouser

Visual arts: Memories On Canvas

acrylic on canvas, farm, flying, baseball, cars, funny, sad and landscape scenes

Current profile pic
Sarah Goski

Visual arts: Painting, Printmaking, Textile Design, Graphic Design

I teach art and music to all ages and create high-quality art for personal and commercial use in painting, printmaking, textile and graphic design.

Photo on 5 16 17 at 2.21 pm
Joshua Hann

Visual arts: Graphic Art, Painting, Printmaking

I have done commissioned projects for logos, illustrations for t-shirts, posters, album covers, laser etched wood, and paintings.

Cathy Hardison

Visual arts: Painting

Proficient in oils, acrylics and watercolor. Interested in portrait and landscape commissions.

Dsc 0152a
Grace Haskin

Teaching: Violin lessons

I offer affordable violin lessons to beginners of all ages.

Diane 2
Diane Hignite

Visual arts: Painting, photography, Book illustrating

Acrylic paintings, crafts, book illustrations, photography, signs and posters for community events

Rebecca Ives

Visual arts: Painting

Original Oil Painting: Diverse subjects and approaches with an inclination for nature studies and adventures into fantasy

Judy Jenkins

Visual arts: Canvas paintings

I love painting Marvel & DC comics-- anything fictional-- magical--Disney related :)

Roger Kammerer

Visual arts: painting, portraits, house drawings, animals

I am a commission artist that works in most mediums, especially in pen & ink, watercolor and acrylic. I do calligraphy, murals and some faux finishes.

Lazure 3
Sarah Lazure

Visual arts: photography, printmaking, mixed media

I use photography as a non-traditional tool to make images that create my own truth.

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Megan Maxwell

Music: music, visual art, conceptual

fabric sculptor, painter, art instructor, bass player for nu clear twins

Img 0121
Taylor Meadows

Visual arts: Ceramics


Beachdweller 2
Dee Morris

Visual arts: Painting

Paint on canvas, mixed media. Focus is on interplay of color and minimized form.

Heather Muise

Visual arts: Printmaking and textiles

Printmaking: lithography, etching, relief, silk screen, letter press, photo-digital and non-traditional techniques. Fibre art, crochet, bead weaving.

Psx 20170303 201640
Lupit Nava

Visual arts: Painting, Jewelry, Mixed Media

I am an art teacher who is currently teaching at a school in Bethel, NC. I enjoy working in many different art mediums.

Img 7930
Robert Quinn

Visual arts: Mixed Media

I enjoy working in a wide variety of media in a range of styles.

Img 2697
Robbie Quinn

Music: Singer/Songwriter

I write and perform songs in the vein of singer-songwriter, Americana, and roots rock genres.

Img 0934
Hosanna Rubio

Visual arts: Metals and Jewelry

I combine traditional techniques with new technology to create wearable art and sculptures that explore issues such as health, gender, and religion.

Eric Schreffler

Visual arts: airbrush portraits, music inspired Abstract

The ability to fuse music into his art has given him a fantastic style that blends music and art. His works are created using several different Medias

Sarah Setzco

Visual arts: Mixed Media

I currently enjoy creating works via various medias that focus on my inward and outward explorations. I also have major fun face & body painting.

Beth Sharpe

Visual arts: Painting

In one series of paintings I work to replicate vintage family keepsakes. A second series focuses on playful animal portraits.

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McKenzie Shelton

Visual arts: Photography, filmmaking, creative writing, singing,

Documentary and narrative films, photography (headshots, graduation, family, magazine, etc.), poetry and short stories, musical performance, and more!

Marty Silverthorne

Literary arts: poetry

I am a "creative writer" who specializes in poetry that typically focuses on Eastern North Carolina and plights of rural living.

20170519 164113
Melanie Statnick

Visual arts: Painting, Pottery

Watercolor and ink Illustration, impressionistic acrylic paintings,and Pottery.

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Liz Steiner

Visual arts: jewelry/metals, enameling, book arts, found objects, mixed media

Small scale works in metal and/or paper, incorporating natural and man made found objects.

Arch ii.e
Henry Stindt

Visual arts: mixed media and photography

Mixed media work and fine art photography

Img 8569
Delaney Swift

Visual arts: Portraits

Custom colored pencil pet portraits

Fb img 1497451510317
Nate Varnadoe

Visual arts: Woodcarving/Weapon design

I carve wooden replicas - in miniature, or 1:1 scale, painted or plain - of swords, knives, and other weaponry.

Vaughan headshot b w
Joshua Vaughan

Visual arts: Graphic Design & Photography

Graphic Design: Logos/Branding, Print & Promotional/Marketing Design Photography: Portrait, Event Coverage, Commercial/Production, Head Shots

Margaret Wells

Visual arts: Pottery

I am a functional potter, but also specialize in clay baskets and tobacco leaves that show our Eastern NC Heritage.

Little photo
Sarah Witte

Visual arts: painting, photography, mixed media

My work comments on the extraordinary beauty that comes from a diverse and inclusive culture. I work primarily with abstract imagery.