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Virtual July Exhibition

Murals: Black Voices Matter

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Virtual July Performance African American Music Series

We are thrilled to share with you another virtual performance by the talented Carroll Dashiell, Marshall Keys, Rachael Howard, Cameron Dashiell, Marvin Santos, Christian Dashiell, Christie Dashiell, C. V. Dashiell, and Stephanie Dashiell. Join us tonight for American Reflections, Is Time Really Standing Still live at 7pm on Facebook.

American Reflections, Is Time Really Standing Still

Live Performance at 7pm on Facebook Live!

We express our deepest appreciation to tonight's artists and performers for sharing their voices with all of us. Music and art are wonderful gifts. We truly treasure them!

If you are able to donate to the mural artists or to the artists sharing their voices with you tonight, we welcome your generous support!

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